Saturday, 8 June 2013

Games Total Pro Golf 3 Full Serial

PC Games Total Pro Golf 3 Full Version - Gary Gorski let me know that Total Pro Golf 3 has been released, and there's more information below: Starting right now you can head to www.wolverinestudios.com and get ready to tee off. Get over to our webstore and reserve your tee time right now!

Patch PC Games Total Pro Golf 3 Full

New Features of Total Pro Golf 3 Include :

  • Season Disk Add-ons (2012 season disk now available)
  • New in game daily news module to keep you up to date of the latest happenings across all six in game tours 
  • New RPG style elements to the game give you extra items to purchase for your golfer
  • Rebuilt UI to make the game more user friendly and easier to navigate
  • Improved golfer AI making your opponents even more challenging
  • In game achievements allow you to track your score over time to see if you can become the ultimate Total Pro Golfer
  • All courses from TPG2 will be compatible with TPG3!
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